Angle Marketing Sells Domain for $487,500

Angle Marketing Sells the domain for $487,500, the price was for the domain only.

There was big news in the online domain world last week when it was announced that had been sold for an eye-catching amount of money.

Angle Marketing had owned the domain name before agreeing to sell for a grand sum of $487,500.

The sale caused waves in the online domain world and went top of the charts for worldwide domain sales in that particular week, with the sale also ranking as number 7 when it comes to worldwide sales for the year 2019.

DNJournal Domain Sales Charts

Angle Marketing have been involved in buying and selling domain names for several years, with the company most notorious for operating in the online gambling sector where it has successfully built out several leading sports betting websites.

The Limited company continue to own several premium gambling domain names, with Angle Marketing having been in operation since 2007 and they are likely to continue causing a splash with their trading.

The sale of was brokered by Brian Michitti at, with the domain being purchased by a UK-based gambling company called GamingUSA.

As the name suggests, the buying company are looking towards the US betting market to achieve success with, with the United States of America starting to open its doors as far as worldwide operators are concerned.

It’s an interesting situation to monitor, with having also recently been acquired for $400,000 and we’re likely to see companies continue to invest heavily in domain names ahead of the US being completely open for business.

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