Angle Marketing noteworthy recent domain sales and acquisitions

After we sold the domain for the sum of $487,500 in July 2019 it was always going to be a hard task to top that, however the domains market remains extremely buoyant at the moment and there has been continued movement in sales and acquisitions in the subsequent three months following that sale.


Our most noteworthy recent domain sales over the past three months have been: –  $51,000  –  £15,600  –  £14,500 –  £12,000  –  £8,400


Our most notable domain acquisitions during this time include:


Angle Marketing are one of the leading traders in betting/gambling domains with a large selection available to purchase. We also have a large selection of non-gambling premium generic names along with three-character LLL UK domains and two-character LL UK domains.

Please get in touch should you be interested in any of our domains for sale.

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